Katz Automotive LLC

1359 Motor Street
Grand Junction, CO 81505
39.079716 -108.5774503
4.97/5.00 average rating
31 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (31)

 5     Jeff 06/26/2017
Bill, Jeff, and Jim always provide top notch service, professionalism, and expertise that I know I can trust. It is good to know that my cars are in great hands!

 5     Nora 05/25/2017
The staff at Katz is great! I trust them to give me honest, professional and complete care of my vehicle.

 5     Carson / Miranda 05/18/2017
always great job

 5     Braden/Lauren 05/15/2017
Every time I bring my car to Katz I receive great customer service. In the last couple of years they have fixed my AC, replaced my power steering pump, replaced hoses and belts, etc. I never leave feeling like I've been taken advantage of or pushed into unnecessary fixes. Getting your car worked on is never cheap so the least you can do is take it to a local place you can trust. That is Katz automotive for me.

 5     Carson / Miranda 05/11/2017
as always

 5     Louis 04/27/2017
Had an electrical issue with my blinkers that they were able to track down very quickly and determine what was needed to fix the issue.

 5     Candace 04/11/2017

 5     Paul 03/31/2017

 5     Joan 03/30/2017
Best bunch of caring guys in the valley.

 5     Keith 02/23/2017
Good service, honesty, reasonable prices, no surprises. Works for me.

 5     David W. 12/22/2016
Did great.

 5     Electric Llc 12/22/2016

 5     Keith 12/09/2016
Great!! Good staff, communication is excellent, estimates are on par and accurate. Good work done, and above all they're honest. prices seem high on auto work no matter where you go, but I'd rather have someone be honest with me than pay for something else not disclosed up front. Thanks much Bill, and staff.

 5     Joan 12/01/2016
If I have to pull the Jeep to you, you will always be my garage.

 5     David W. 11/10/2016
Glad you have Jim. I'll be back. Dave

 5     Myron 10/13/2016
Thanks for your assistance in resolving our alignment and tire wear problems. You were helpful, polite, and cooperative. We will continue to use your services. Myron Hamm Gunnison

 5     Keith 09/29/2016
I would highly recommend Katz to anyone. Great crew that works as a team. Most efficient and successful way to operate.

 5     Nora 09/08/2016
Katz is responsive and comprehensive in their service. I'm quite pleased with the level of service I have received from start to finish. Thank you, Katz!

 5     Stan 08/18/2016
Katz Automotive has been great. I appreciate their attention to detail, prompt service and fair prices. Stan Conrad

 5     Doug/ Barb 08/18/2016
The Jim Schave factor was why we will bring our vehicles to your Katz business, I am sure your business was a fine business prior to Jim. We just have had Jim taking care of our cars for years. Yes, I liked the service we received.

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